Advanced Therapies in Hypnosis offers a remedy through hypnotherapy for ease and healing in life, for good health, and happiness. It is a practice specializing in women’s wellness – mind, body and spirit - and in their personal empowerment, offering opportunity to take control and ‘mind one’s life’ through the power of their thoughts, intentions, and desires for change.

An effective adjunct to conventional medical care, hypnosis is rapidly emerging as a highly sought after and effective modality for change.  Though it is probably the lowest risk procedure available from the standpoint of contraindications, few therapeutic procedures are less understood or more plagued by misconceptions and misunderstandings.

Hypnosis is a state in which the conscious mind is distracted or preoccupied, allowing a positive statement or suggestion to bypass the critical conscious mind and to enter powerfully into the subconscious mind where true change can take root.