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Click Link Below to Enjoy 15 Minutes of Binaural Beats Relaxation.

For best results, please use headphones.

Hypnotherapy offered by Advanced Therapies in Hypnosis is enhanced by audios engineered with ‘Binaural Beats’ , a term given to a measurable change in brainwave activity occurring when two different stereo tones are introduced and heard in opposite ears.


The brain produces a third tone as a response (binaural beat) to the difference between the two tones. This third tone waxes and wanes with the two stereo tones producing a ‘wavy’ sound, which mimics the difference between them, causing relaxation.


Thus, this ‘music’ introducing different tones in each ear and causing the brain to create the sound ‘in between’, is an effective way to enhance hypnotic suggestion through the relaxation response.