The following comments were made by clients over a period of three to five sessions.

"My pain is VERY much reduced and I feel more energized and motivated. I am going in to work more often and exercising regularly. My relationships have improved and I am not as angry and negative. I am dealing better with all phases of my life!"

Female Cycle Disruptions, Backaches and Pain - no medications

"My restless leg syndrome is gone and my neck and back aches much improved. I am sleeping very well through the whole night. And my eczema is healing - less itchy and tender. I have a new sense of optimism and feel emotionally stronger."

"Restless Leg"/ Neck and Back Aches/Sciatica/Eczema - cream for eczema

"I am using less medication and feel better. And I am dealing with stress better than before, even though there is still plenty of it in my life! I am less reactive and I calm down more quickly."

Fibromyalgia/pain, Fatigue - decreased medications

"My IBS symptoms have stopped completely and my joint pain has decreased considerably. I am more calm and peaceful and less reactive to stress. I just feel 'different' - so much happier, more energized. I'm even taking Salsa lessons!"

Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Joint Pain

- no continued medications

"I've had almost no incidence of IBS. I am more calm, relaxed and self-assured and have a sense of well being that I haven't experienced before. My relationships are improving and I am eating healthier... and less. I feel happier, more fulfilled, accepted and loved. And my feeings of anxiety and fear are less frequent. I have crossed a threshhold!"

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - IBS/ Anxiety

- no medications

My skin is noticeably lighter, less red and smoother, even though the Winter season would normally be a time when my condition flairs up because of the weather and dryer heat conditioning indoors. And my cholesterol is down because I am eating healthier and I have started exercising regularly with a friend!"

Rosacea/High Cholesterol - no continued medications


"My blood pressure was 120/78 last week - lower than it has been in years! I feel wonderful."

Essential Hypertension - with medications

"I have had no new outbreaks and the texture of my skin is smoother. I am less reactive to stress. And I am sleeping much, much better - falling asleep faster and sleeping peacefully through the night."

Psoriasis - topical gel

"Not only have I NOT had any migraines, I haven't even had a headache!!"

Migraines - no continued medications