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...soft fringe of silken hair, tiny fingers and toes . . . or feel that warm, cuddly bundle in your arms.


Maybe you sense that “there is a baby there”, which is something women might say to Deborah Smith, Ph.D., a Certified HypnoFertility® facilitator, hypnotherapist, and hypnosis instructor at her Richmond hypnosis practice, Advanced Therapies in Hypnosis. Taking a success-oriented approach to infertility, Smith follows a precise program endorsed by HypnoFertility International® that supports the entire fertility process (natural or medically assisted) for optimal results. After suffering through years of chronic infertility, and sometimes having attempted every medical option available, a woman’s diagnosis of unexplained infertility can leave her feeling frustrated and hopeless. Advanced Therapies in Hypnosis offers assistance in relieving and coping with these feelings.


Women who so desperately yearn to have a baby can find their lives to be an emotional roller coaster feeling anxious, dreading the start of another menstrual cycle, consumed with thoughts of yet another failed attempt, and with shredded self-esteem which can compromise a marriage and relationships. With their body in a perpetual state of ‘fight or flight’ is it any wonder pregnancy doesn’t occur? 


Though it tends to strike terror in the hearts of the individuals who have received this diagnosis, 'unexplained infertility' actually means there is no physiological reason for a woman not to become pregnant which introduces many possibilities. With unexplained infertility, stress and a lack of confidence tend to be the top culprits which can be addressed through hypnotic suggestion and encouragement of powerful, positive imagery.​


Stress is literally a nervous reaction that occurs within the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). A vast network of nerves branching out from the spinal cord, the ANS directly affects every organ in the body. Divided into two distinct systems—the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems—the ANS is responsible for maintaining the equilibrium of our internal environment. Put simply, one system is concerned with the mobilization of forces to meet an emergency (the famous fight or flight response), and the other with the relaxed, regenerative states. The neurochemical barrage that is associated with the activation of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) can be as easily triggered by a threat to self-esteem or dignity, such as a woman’s perception of herself as ‘failing’ to conceive, as an actual physical threat.


Unresolved guilt over a previous abortion for example, or other potentially traumatic experiences with numerous invasive infertility-related procedures can have the same result. With the release of ‘emergency’ hormones throughout the body, the body is on alarm, energy is directed toward the areas needed for actual fight or flight such as the arms and legs, and away from areas the brain considers less important. Unfortunately, the reproductive system is the most expendable. Once a chronic imbalance of the autonomic nervous system is created, only the regular and consistent practice of relaxation and stress reduction will facilitate the restoration of the parasympathetic nervous system. Hypnotherapy provides an effective means of establishing that restoration and potentially enables women to create the level of safety essential for reproduction to occur.

Most of the time HypnoFertility® services are sought after in conjunction with medical fertility treatment under the care of a physician. Studies in journals including The Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association and Fertility and Sterility have indicated that ‘infertile’ women utilizing mind/body techniques such as hypnosis have a greater conception rate as compared to in vitro fertilization (IVF) alone. Acupuncture has also proven to be a potentially successful adjunct treatment with hypnosis for conception, along with other stress-reducing therapies. A referral network of complementary practitioners is offered.


A HypnoFertility® program encourages women to conceive naturally through hypnosis and also provides support to women undergoing IVF and other medical procedures. Whether you wish to conceive naturally, or with medical assistance, HypnoFertility® can greatly enhance the chance of success. During the program’s 12 sessions, prospective mothers learn the tools of self-empowerment as they tap into the power of the subconscious mind. This leads to actual chemical changes in the brain which, in turn, can manifest in suitable conditions for conception.

HypnoFertility® facilitates balance of mind and body conducive to conception and a
calm, peaceful, positive, and viable pregnancy.

HypnoFertility® can greatly enhance natural or medically-assisted conception. Clients learn self-empowerment through accessing the unconscious mind, which leads to chemical changes in the brain creating suitable conditions for conception. Negative self-talk, repetitive patterns, and life challenges can cause stress and anxiety resulting in the self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.
HypnoFertility® provides tools for relaxation and enhanced feelings of control necessary to release subconscious blocks, transform fear and frustration, ease discomfort and distress of medications and medical procedures.

The HypnoFertility® program, recently added as an offering, serves the needs of women still of viable age for pregnancy who are making important choices for themselves and wanting to start a family. Those over 35 are often stalled by the medical community’s statements that they are too old to conceive without complex and exorbitantly expensive medical procedures and drugs, and that even then they cannot be guaranteed success. These young women are often discouraged, feel depressed, and extremely stressed, which may also strain their marriages and relationships. Those who can afford the procedures add financial worry to their complications and of course those who cannot are rendered even more hopeless.


Hypnosis can assist in greatly reducing these stresses, raising self-esteem and confidence, and introducing powerful imagery which can produce biological shifts through actual neurochemical changes proven to enhance conception. In addition, hypnosis can help to reduce, through managing, the sometimes physically painful remedies of medical procedures.


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