HypnoFertility® works!

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Worry = Negative Self-Hypnosis

Repetitive patterns of negative self-talk about the challenges being experienced in conceiving, along with other everyday life difficulties, can cause great stress and anxiety.  When fear and worry allow a negative inner mind state to take over, reality can reflect the self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.

Hypnotherapy = Positive Change

Hypnotherapy can transform fear and frustration, providing the tools that enable the relaxation necessary for a calm, peaceful, positive, and viable pregnancy. 

HypnoFertility® helps women to conceive naturally and also provides hypnotherapeutic

support to women undergoing ART - including IUI, IVF, etc. More than simply guided meditation or visualization, this comprehensive program supports the entire fertility process (natural and medically-assisted) for optimal results.

Hypnosis works:

  to release subconscious blocks  

  to ease discomfort and/or distress of medical procedures, like egg retrieval, embryo transfer, laminaria insertion, and daily injections  

  to support embryo implantation  

  to integrate & balance the use of medications and hormones  

  to release phobias, like trypanophobia (fear of needles) and hemophobia (fear of blood)  

  to facilitate the overall balance of mind, body, and spirit conducive to successful conception, healthy pregnancy, and a peaceful birth   

Studies Indicate Significant Benefits of Hypnotherapy to Promote Fertility:

A study of the impact of hypnosis during embryo transfer on the outcome of IVF embryo transfer (ET) suggests that the use of hypnosis during ET may significantly improve the IVF/ET cycle outcome in terms of increased implantation and clinical pregnancy rates. Of the clinical pregnancies observed in this study, the implantation rate among the IVF/ET cycles of the hypnosis group was twice that of the control group's cycles. The hypnosis patients’ attitude toward the treatment was also found to be more favorable.
Fertility & Sterility (2006)


A study of the practical uses of clinical hypnosis in enhancing fertility, healthy pregnancy, and childbirth found hypnosis to be an effective method to reduce women’s stress, enhance feelings of control, as well as to manage psycho-emotional issues - such as trauma or body image issues - that may be contributing to infertility.
Complementary Therapies In Clinical Practice (2009) 


A study of the effects of complementary and alternative medicine on infertility found hypnosis to be helpful in dealing with the impact of the infertility diagnosis, as well as the effects of assisted reproductive technology (ART). Emotional distress, depression, and difficulty accepting the infertility diagnosis were addressed, with patients diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” appearing to be especially affected.
BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine (2014) 


This study, over a 15-year span, sought to establish the efficacy of hypnosis as a viable treatment for infertility. The files of patients whose hypnosis treatment resulted in both conception (through natural and ART means) and live births were reviewed. Notable results included that 88.88% of clients were self-proclaimed “Type-A” personalities, and 100% of clients reported significant improvement following the first hypnosis session. A prominent shift in primary and secondary infertility diagnoses was noted also. Nearly all clients presented with exceptionally high mental/emotional anxieties upon which hypnosis appears to have had a profound effect.
Lynsi Eastburn, MA (2016). Regis University