Ease for Situational Depression

A person experiencing continuing stress may well become subject to frenzy, and develop any or several forms of stress-related illness. Stresses that produce debilitation, depression, excessive smoking, overeating, anger, grief, and similar reactions need attention.While the world, or the past if it is a factor in the condition, cannot be changed, it is possible to alter the client's perception of and reaction to them.

Every individual is different in tolerance levels, coping abilities, reactions and therapeutic needs.  Sheer willpower is not the remedy in stress cases. Effective and permanent relief can be brought about through hypnotherapy.

It is important to analyze the stress stimuli and the physical and/or emotional responses which they bring about. Through hypnosis, positive new responses can be created to replace devastating reactions. Buried feelings can be brought to the surface and released. Outside pressures can be relieved. And finally, new responses to old disturbances can be encouraged with major changes in attitudes and reactions through changes in perceptions.