Stress Reduction

You Can Increase Your Effectiveness, Avoid Burnout
The human brain receives messages from several sources, each dealing with separate types of information. Our own bodies provide data concerning movement, digestion, tension, pain, etc. all in the form of messages, sent to the brain. When the conscious mind can no longer handle the message units overloading the brain, the subconscious prepares us for flight or fight. But sometimes, there is nothing to fight.

Often a state of apathy or depression develops and there is increased acceptance of the negative. Frustration results, together with an overreaction of the senses, and there is a loss of tolerance. The road turns downhill. The cumulative result can strain various systems in the body, including the immune system. Hypnosis has shown positive results in counteracting this detrimental state. Hypnotherapy helps you learn to influence the balance that maintains health in relation to the outside world.

Causes for stress and anxiety need to be investigated. Stress may be a reaction to people, places, events, or things. The threats may be real or imagined. Remember, the subconscious mind does not analyze and usually by the time depression appears, the conscious mind has lost its ability to do so. However, there are several common basic causes of stress which can be recognized, defined, and often eliminated.

"Why me?" Stressed individuals ask this question quite often. Many factors enter into the picture of possibilities. Overachievers and typical Type A personalities are hypercompetitive. They can be addicted to stress. They can even enjoy it, until it gets out of control. Stress can be learned early in life from parents, teachers, relatives, and others.

Through early experiences, stress can become a normal part of life. Fears, valid or otherwise, can lead to the development of symptoms of stress. They can expand into full blown phobias or other disorders. Unrelenting pain and worries over health or economic situations can be factors, as are repressed emotions such as hurt, anger, grief, etc. Specific incidents are frequently the cause of stress and anxiety.